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    in golf
  1. 1the rough [singular] the part of a golf course where the grass is long, making it more difficult to hit the ball His second shot ended up in the rough. compare fairway
  2. drawing/design
  3. 2[countable] (technology) the first version of a drawing or design that has been done quickly and without much detail Only the best of the roughs are shown to the editor.
  4. violent person
  5. 3[countable] (old-fashioned) (informal) a violent person a gang of roughs
  6. Idioms
    diamond in the rough
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    a person who has many good qualities even though they do not seem to be very polite, educated, etc.
    take the rough with the smooth
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    to accept the unpleasant or difficult things that happen in life as well as the good things
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