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    stage in process
  1. 1a set of events that form part of a longer process the next round of peace talks a new round of bargaining the final round of voting in the election
  2. in sports
  3. 2a stage in a sports competition the qualifying rounds of the National Championships Hewitt was knocked out of the tournament in the third round.
  4. 3a stage in a boxing or wrestling match The fight only lasted five rounds.
  5. 4a complete game of golf; a complete way around the course in some other sports, such as show jumping We played a round of golf. the first horse to jump a clear round
  6. regular activities/route
  7. 5a regular series of activities the daily round of school life Her life is one long round of parties and fun.
  8. 6a regular route that someone takes when delivering or collecting something; a regular series of visits that someone makes Dr. Green was on her daily hospital rounds. Four soldiers patrolled the area and an officer made his rounds at frequent intervals.
  9. drinks
  10. 7a number of drinks bought by one person for all the others in a group a round of drinks It's my round (= it is my turn to pay for the next set of drinks).
  11. circle
  12. 8a round object or piece of something Cut the dough into rounds.
  13. of applause
  14. 9round of applause a short period during which people show their approval of someone or something by clapping, etc. There was a great round of applause when the dance ended.
  15. shot
  16. 10a single shot from a gun; a bullet for one shot They fired several rounds at the crowd. We only have three rounds of ammunition left.
  17. song
  18. 11(music) a song for two or more voices in which each sings the same tune but starts at a different time
  19. Idioms
      in the round
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    1. 1(of a work of art) made so that it can be seen from all sides an opportunity to see Canova's work in the round
    2. 2(of a theater or play) with the people watching all around a central stage
      make the rounds (of something)
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    1. 1if news or a joke makes the rounds, it is passed on quickly from one person to another
    2. 2to go around from place to place, especially when looking for work or support for a political campaign, etc. He's making the rounds of insurance companies. The vice president made the rounds of television talk shows.
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