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  1. 1used after a number and a noun such as “year,” “day,” or “time,” to say that something has happened in the same way several times, without a change She's won the championship three years running. It was the third day running that the train had been late. No party has won an election four times running.
  2. 2 running water is water that is flowing somewhere, or water that is supplied to a building and available to be used through faucets I can hear the sound of running water. a remote cabin without electricity or running water
  3. 3[only before noun] lasting a long time; continuous synonym ongoing For years he had fought a running battle with the authorities over the land. a running argument His old raincoat became a running joke (= people kept laughing at it). see also long-running
  4. 4 -running (in compounds) running or flowing in the way mentioned a fast-running river They showed the free-running, slick soccer that has become their trademark.
  5. Idioms
    in running/working order
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    (especially of machines) working well The engine is now in perfect working order.
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