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  1. 1[uncountable, countable] an act or the process of selling something regulations governing the sale of alcoholic beverages I haven't made a sale all week. She gets 10% commission on each sale.
  2. 2sales [plural] the number of items sold Retail sales fell in November by 10%. Export sales were up by 32% last year. the sales figures for May a sales drive/campaign (= a special effort to sell more) Topic CollocationsBusinessrunning a business buy/acquire/own/sell a company/firm/franchise set up/establish/start/start up/launch a business/company run/operate a business/company/franchise head/run a firm/department/team make/secure/win/lose/block a deal expand/grow/build the business boost/increase investment/spending/sales/turnover/earnings/exports/trade increase/expand production/output/sales boost/maximize production/productivity/efficiency/income/revenue/profit/profitability achieve/maintain/sustain growth/profitability cut/reduce/bring down/lower/slash costs/prices announce/impose/make cuts/cutbackssales and marketing break into/enter/capture/dominate a market capture/gain/grab/take/win/boost/lose market share identify/find/build/create a market for something start/launch an advertising/a marketing campaign develop/launch/promote a product/Web site estimate/assess/create/generate demand for your product attract/get/retain/keep/help customers/clients drive/generate/boost/increase demand/sales beat/keep ahead of/out-think/outperform/ (informal) stymie the competition meet/reach/exceed/miss sales targetsfinance draw up/set/present/propose/agree on/approve a budget keep to/balance/cut/reduce/slash the budget be/come in below/under/over/within budget generate income/revenue/profit(s)/funds/business fund/finance a campaign/a venture/an expansion/spending/a deficit provide/raise/allocate capital/funds attract/encourage investment/investors recover/recoup costs/losses/an investment/an outlay get/obtain/offer somebody/grant somebody credit/a loan apply for/raise/secure/arrange/provide financingfailure lose business/trade/customers/sales/revenue accumulate/accrue/incur/run up debts suffer/sustain enormous/heavy/serious losses face cuts/a deficit/bankruptcy/a shortfall declare/file for/enter/avoid/escape bankruptcy liquidate a company/a business/assets survive/weather a recession/downturn propose/seek/block/oppose a merger launch/make/accept/contest/defeat a takeover bid
  3. 3sales [uncountable] (also sales department [countable]) the part of a company that deals with selling its products a sales and marketing director She works in sales/in the sales department. The Weldon Group has a 6,000 strong sales force.
  4. 4[countable] an occasion when a store sells its goods at a lower price than usual The sale starts next week. Memorial Day sales sale prices
  5. 5[countable] an occasion when goods are sold, especially an auction a contemporary art sale see also garage sale, rummage sale, tag sale, yard sale
  6. Idioms available to be bought, especially from the owner I'm sorry, it's not for sale. They've put their house up for sale. an increase in the number of stolen vehicles being offered for sale a “for sale” sign
    1. 1available to be bought, especially in a store Tickets are on sale at the box office. The new model goes on sale next month.
    2. 2being offered at a reduced price All video equipment is on sale today and tomorrow.
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