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  1. 1a number of people or things taken from a larger group and used in tests to provide information about the group The interviews were given to a random sample of students. The survey covers a representative sample of schools. a sample survey
  2. 2a small amount of a substance taken from a larger amount and tested in order to obtain information about the substance a blood sample Samples of the water contained pesticide. Topic CollocationsScientific Researchtheory formulate/advance a theory/hypothesis build/construct/create/develop a simple/theoretical/mathematical model develop/establish/provide/use a theoretical/conceptual framework/an algorithm advance/argue/develop the thesis that… explore an idea/a concept/a hypothesis make a prediction/an inference base a prediction/your calculations on something investigate/evaluate/accept/challenge/reject a theory/hypothesis/modelexperiment design an experiment/a questionnaire/a study/a test do research/an experiment/an analysis make observations/calculations take/record measurements carry out/conduct/perform an experiment/a test/a longitudinal study/observations/clinical trials run an experiment/a simulation/clinical trials repeat an experiment/a test/an analysis replicate a study/the results/the findings observe/study/examine/investigate/assess a pattern/a process/a behavior fund/support the research/project/study seek/provide/get/secure funding for researchresults collect/gather/extract data/information yield data/evidence/similar findings/the same results analyze/examine the data/soil samples/a specimen consider/compare/interpret the results/findings fit the data/model confirm/support/verify a prediction/a hypothesis/the results/the findings prove a conjecture/hypothesis/theorem draw/make/reach the same conclusions read/review the records/literature describe/report an experiment/a study present/publish/summarize the results/findings present/publish/read/review/cite a paper in a scientific journal
  3. 3a small amount or example of something that can be looked at or tried to see what it is like “I'd like to see a sample of your work,” said the manager. a free sample of shampoo Would you like a sample of the fabric to take home?
  4. 4(technology) a piece of recorded music or sound that is used in a new piece of music “Candy” includes a swirling sample from a Walker Brothers song.
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