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    Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they scald
    he / she / it scalds
    past simple scalded
    -ing form scalding
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  1. 1scald something/yourself to burn yourself or part of your body with very hot liquid or steam Be careful not to scald yourself with the steam. (figurative) Tears scalded her eyes. Thesaurusburnchar scald scorch singeThese words all mean to damage, injure, destroy, or kill something or someone with heat or fire.burn to damage, injure, destroy, or kill something or someone with fire, heat, or acid; to be damaged, etc. by fire, heat, or acid:She burned all his letters. The house burned down in 1995.char [usually passive] to make something black by burning it; to become black by burning:The pasta was topped with charred peppers.scald to burn part of your body with very hot liquid or steamscorch to burn and slightly damage a surface by making it too hot:I scorched my dress when I was ironing it.singe to burn the surface or edges of something slightly, usually by mistake; to be burned in this way:He singed his hair as he tried to light his cigarette.scorch or singe?Things are scorched by either heat or fire. Things can be singed only by fire or a flame.Patterns to burn/scald yourself/your hand to burn/scorch/singe your hair/clothes burned out/charred/scorched remains/ruins/buildings Topic CollocationsInjuriesbeing injured have a fall/an injury receive/suffer/sustain a serious injury/a hairline fracture/a gunshot wound/a concussion/whiplash injuries hurt/injure your ankle/back/leg damage the brain/an ankle ligament/your liver/the optic nerve/the skin pull/strain/tear a hamstring/ligament/muscle/tendon sprain/twist your ankle/wrist break a bone/your collarbone/your leg/three ribs fracture/crack your skull break/chip/knock out/lose a tooth burst/perforate your eardrum dislocate your finger/hip/jaw/shoulder/elbow bruise/cut/graze your arm/knee/shoulder burn/scald yourself/your tongue bang/bump/hit your elbow/head/knee (on/against something)treating injuries treat somebody for burns/a head injury/a stab wound examine/clean/dress/bandage/treat a bullet wound repair a damaged/torn ligament/tendon/cartilage amputate/cut off an arm/a finger/a foot/a leg/a limb put on (formal) apply/take off a Band-Aid™/a sterile dressing/a bandage need/require/put in/get/take out stitches put on/rub on (formal) apply cream/ointment/lotion have/receive/undergo physical therapy
  2. 2scald something to heat a liquid without boiling it scalded milk
  3. 3scald something to put something in boiling liquid for a short time Scald the tomatoes and remove the skins.
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