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    where children learn
  1. 1[countable] a place where children go to be educated My brother and I went to the same school. (formal) Which school do they attend? I'm going to the school today to talk to Kim's teacher. We need more money for roads, hospitals, and schools. school buildings
  2. 2[uncountable] (used without the or a) the process of learning in a school; the time during your life when you go to a school to start/quit school Where did you go to school? All my kids are still in school. to teach school (= teach in a school) The transition from school to work can be difficult. Topic CollocationsEducationlearning acquire/get/lack experience/training/(an) education receive/provide somebody with training develop/design/plan a curriculum/course/program/syllabus give/go to/attend a class/lesson/lecture/seminar hold/run/conduct a class/seminar/workshop moderate/lead/facilitate a discussion sign up for/take a course/classes/lessonsschool go to/start preschool/kindergarten/nursery school be in the first, second, etc. grade (at school) study/take/drop history/chemistry/German, etc. finish/drop out of/quit school graduate from high school/collegeproblems at school be the victim/target of bullying/teasing skip/cut/ (informal) ditch class/school cheat on an exam/a test get/be given a detention (for doing something) be expelled from/be suspended from schoolwork and exams do your homework/a project on something work on/write/do/submit an essay/a dissertation/a thesis/an assignment/a paper finish/complete your dissertation/thesis/studies hand in/turn in your homework/essay/assignment/paper study/prepare/review/ (informal) cram for a test/an exam take/ (formal) sit for a test/an exam grade homework/a test do well on/ (informal) ace a test/an exam pass/fail/ (informal) flunk a test/an exam/a class/a course/a subjectcollege apply to/get into/go to/start college leave/graduate from college (with a degree in computer science)/law school study for/work towards a law degree/a degree in physics major/minor in biology/philosophy earn/receive/be awarded/get/have/hold a master's degree/a bachelor's degree/a Ph.D. in economics
  3. 3[uncountable] (used without the or a) the time during the day when children are working in a school Can I meet you after school today? School begins at 9. The kids are at/in school until 3:30. after-school activities
  4. students and teachers
  5. 4the school [singular] all the children or students and the teachers in a school I had to stand up in front of the whole school.
  6. for particular skill
  7. 5[countable] (often in compounds) a place where people go to learn a particular subject or skill a drama/language/riding, etc. school
  8. college/university
  9. 6[countable, uncountable] (informal) a college or university; the time that you spend there famous schools like Yale and Harvard Where did you go to school? see also graduate school, party school
  10. 7[countable] a department of a college or university that teaches a particular subject the business/medical/law school the School of Dentistry
  11. of writers/artists
  12. 8[countable] a group of writers, artists, etc. whose style of work or opinions have been influenced by the same person or ideas the Hudson River school of painting
  13. of fish
  14. 9[countable] a large number of fish or other sea animals, swimming together a school of dolphins compare shoal There are many compounds ending in school. You will find them at their place in the alphabet.
  15. GrammarschoolWhen a school is being referred to as an institution, you do not need to use the:When do the children finish school?When you are talking about a particular building, the is used:I’ll meet you outside the school.Prison, jail, court, and church work in the same way:Her husband spent three years in prison. She drove by the prison every day.Idioms
    school(s) of thought
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    a way of thinking that a number of people share There are two schools of thought about how this illness should be treated. He belongs to the school of thought that says that competition can be very stimulating for children.
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