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    Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they scoop
    he / she / it scoops
    past simple scooped
    -ing form scooping
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  1. 1to move or lift something with a scoop or something like a scoop scoop something (+ adv./prep.) She scooped ice cream into their bowls. First, scoop a hole in the soil. Scoop out the melon flesh. scoop something up (+ adv./prep.) He quickly scooped the money up from the desk.
  2. 2scoop somebody/something (up) (+ adv./prep.) to move or lift someone or something with a quick continuous movement She scooped the child up in her arms. He quickly scooped his clothes from the chair.
  3. 3scoop somebody/something to publish a story before all the other newspapers, television companies, etc. The paper had inside information and scooped all its rivals.
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