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    Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they scour
    he / she / it scours
    past simple scoured
    -ing form scouring
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  1. 1scour something (for somebody/something) to search a place or thing thoroughly in order to find someone or something synonym comb We scoured the area for somewhere to pitch our tent. He had been scouring the papers for weeks, looking for a job.
  2. 2scour something (out) to clean something by rubbing its surface hard with rough material I had to scour out the pans.
  3. 3scour something (away/out) scour something (from/out of something) to make a passage, hole, or mark in the ground, rocks, etc. as the result of movement, especially over a long period The water had raced down the slope and scoured out the bed of a stream. We could see where the wagon wheels had scoured the ground.
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