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  1. 1[countable] a small piece of something, especially paper, cloth, etc. She scribbled his phone number on a scrap of paper. (figurative) scraps of information (figurative) She was just a scrap of a thing (= small and thin).
  2. 2[singular] (usually with a negative) a small amount of something synonym bit It won't make a scrap of difference. There's not a scrap of evidence to support his claim. a barren landscape without a scrap of vegetation
  3. 3scraps [plural] food left after a meal Give the scraps to the dog.
  4. 4[uncountable] things that are not wanted or cannot be used for their original purpose, but that have some value for the material they are made of We sold the car for scrap (= so that any good parts can be used again). scrap metal a scrap dealer (= a person who buys and sells scrap )
  5. 5(informal) a short fight or disagreement synonym scuffle, squabble He was always getting into scraps at school. see also scrappy
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