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    Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they seal
    he / she / it seals
    past simple sealed
    -ing form sealing
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    close envelope
  1. 1seal something (up/down) to close an envelope, etc. by sticking the edges of the opening together Make sure you've signed the check before sealing the envelope. a sealed bid (= one that is kept in a sealed envelope and therefore remains secret until all other bids have been received)
  2. close container
  3. 2[often passive] seal something (up) (with something) to close a container tightly or fill a crack, etc., especially so that air, liquid, etc. cannot get in or out The organs are kept in sealed plastic bags.
  4. cover surface
  5. 3[often passive] seal something (with something) to cover the surface of something with a substance in order to protect it The floors had been stripped and sealed with varnish.
  6. make something definite
  7. 4seal something to make something definite, so that it cannot be changed or argued about to seal a contract They drank a glass of wine to seal their new friendship. Both firms hope to seal the deal soon. The discovery of new evidence sealed his fate (= nothing could prevent what was going to happen to him). She sealed victory with a birdie at the final hole.
  8. close borders/exits
  9. 5seal something (of the police, army, etc.) to prevent people from passing through a place Troops have sealed the borders between the countries.
  10. Idioms
    my lips are sealed
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    used to say that you will not repeat someone's secret to other people
    signed and sealed, signed, sealed, and delivered
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    definite, because all the legal documents have been signed
    Phrasal Verbsseal somethinginseal something in somethingseal somethingoff
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