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     determiner,ordinal number
    determiner, ordinal number
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  1. 1happening or coming next after the first in a series of similar things or people; 2nd This is the second time it's happened. The Panthers scored a second goal just after half-time. the second of June/June 2nd He was the second to arrive. We have one child and are expecting our second in July.
  2. 2next in order of importance, size, quality, etc. to one other person or thing Osaka is Japan's second-largest city. Chicago, America's second city The spreadsheet application is second only to word processing in terms of popularity. As a dancer, he is second to none (= nobody is a better dancer than he is).
  3. 3[only before noun] another; in addition to one that you already own or use They have a second home in Arizona. teachers of English as a second language (= to people who already speak one or more other languages)