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  1. 1feeling happy and confident about yourself or a particular situation At last they were able to feel secure about the future. She finished the match,secure in the knowledge that she was going through to the next round. opposite insecure
  2. certain/safe
  3. 2likely to continue or be successful for a long time synonym safe a secure job/income It's not a very secure way to make a living. The future of the company looks secure. opposite insecure
  4. 3secure (against/from something) that cannot be affected or harmed by something Information must be stored so that it is secure from accidental deletion.
  5. building/door/room
  6. 4guarded and/or made stronger so that it is difficult for people to enter or leave Check that all windows and doors have been made as secure as possible. a secure unit for youth offenders The building is secure against intruders. opposite insecure
  7. firm
  8. 5not likely to move, fall down, etc. synonym stable The aerial doesn't look very secure to me. It was difficult to maintain a secure foothold on the ice. (figurative) Our relationship was now on a more secure footing. opposite insecure
    adverb She locked the door securely behind her. Make sure the ropes are securely fastened.
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