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    Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they seize
    he / she / it seizes
    past simple seized
    -ing form seizing
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  1. 1to take someone or something in your hand suddenly and using force synonym grab seize something from somebody She tried to seize the gun from him. seize somebody/something He seized her by the arm. She seized hold of my hand.
  2. 2seize something (from somebody) to take control of a place or situation, often suddenly and violently They seized the airport in a surprise attack. The army has seized control of the country. He seized power in a military coup.
  3. 3seize somebody to arrest or capture someone The men were seized as they left the building.
  4. 4seize something to take illegal or stolen goods away from someone A large quantity of drugs was seized during the raid.
  5. 5seize a chance, an opportunity, the initiative, etc. to be quick to make use of a chance, an opportunity, etc. synonym grab The party seized the initiative with both hands (= quickly and with enthusiasm).
  6. 6seize somebody (of an emotion) to affect someone suddenly and deeply Panic seized her. He was seized by curiosity.
  7. Phrasal Verbsseize on/upon somethingseize up
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