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  1. 1(of people and their behavior) able to make good judgments based on reason and experience rather than emotion synonym practical She's a sensible sort of person. I think that's a very sensible idea. Say something sensible. I think the sensible thing would be to take a taxi home.
  2. 2(of clothes, etc.) useful rather than fashionable sensible shoes
  3. 3(formal or literary) aware of something I am sensible of the fact that mathematics is not a popular subject. opposite insensible Use silly (sense 1) or impractical (senses 1 and 2) as the opposite for the other senses.
adverb to behave sensibly He decided, very sensibly, not to drive when he was so tired. She's always very sensibly dressed.
Which Word?sensible / sensitive Sensible and sensitive are connected with two different meanings of sense. Sensible refers to your ability to make good judgments:She gave me some very sensible advice. It wasn’t very sensible to go out on your own so late at night. Sensitive refers to how easily you react to things and how much you are aware of things or other people:a soap for sensitive skin This movie may upset a sensitive child.
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