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  1. 1separate (from something/somebody) forming a unit by itself; not joined to something else separate bedrooms Raw meat must be kept separate from cooked meat. The school is housed in two separate buildings. Write a list of names on a separate piece of paper.
  2. 2[usually before noun] different; not connected It happened on three separate occasions. For the past three years they have been leading totally separate lives.
  3. separateness noun [uncountable, singular]
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  4. Japan's long-standing sense of separateness and uniqueness
  5. Word Familyseparate adjectiveseparately adverbseparable adjective (inseparable)separate verbseparated adjectiveseparation noun
      go your separate ways
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    1. 1to end a relationship with someone When the business was sold they went their separate ways.
    2. 2to go in a different direction from someone you have been traveling with
    under separate cover (business)
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    in a separate envelope The information you requested is being forwarded to you under separate cover.
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