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    Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they shock
    he / she / it shocks
    past simple shocked
    -ing form shocking
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    surprise and upset
  1. 1[transitive] to surprise and upset someone shock somebody It shocks you when something like that happens. We were all shocked at the news of his death. shock somebody that… Neighbors were shocked that such an attack could happen in their area. shock somebody to do something I was shocked to hear that he had resigned.
  2. offend/disgust
  3. 2[intransitive, transitive] (of bad language, immoral behavior, etc.) to make someone feel offended or disgusted These movies deliberately set out to shock. shock somebody (to do something) She enjoys shocking people by saying outrageous things.
    adjective For a few minutes we stood in shocked silence.
  5. Thesaurusshockappall horrify disgust sicken repulseThese words all mean to surprise and upset someone very much.shock [often passive] to surprise someone, usually in a way that upsets them:We were all shocked at the news of his death.appall to shock and upset someone very much:I was appalled at the way she spoke to her mother.horrify to make someone feel extremely shocked, upset, or frightened:The whole country was horrified by the kidnapping.disgust to make someone feel shocked and almost ill because something is so unpleasant:The level of violence in the movie really disgusted me.sicken to make someone feel very shocked, angry, and almost ill because something is so unpleasant:I was sickened by the lack of concern for the child's welfare.repulse [often passive] (somewhat formal) to make someone feel disgust or strong dislike:I was repulsed by the smell of liquor on his breath.Patterns shocked/appalled/horrified/disgusted/repulsed at somebody/something to shock/appall/horrify/disgust somebody that… to shock/appall/horrify/disgust/sicken somebody to think/see/hear… somebody's behavior shocks/appalls somebody violence/an idea shocks/appalls/horrifies/disgusts somebody
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