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    suffering from disease
  1. 1suffering from a disease or illness synonym ill a sick child Her mother's very sick. Peter has been out sick (= away from work because he is sick) for two weeks. Erica just called in sick (= telephoned to say she will not be coming to work because she is sick). I can't afford to get sick (= become sick).
  2. wanting to vomit
  3. 2[not usually before noun] feeling that you want to vomit Mom, Ifeel sick! If you eat any more candy, you'll make yourself sick. a sick feeling in your stomach
  4. -sick
  5. 3(in compounds) feeling sick as a result of traveling on a ship, plane, etc. seasick airsick carsick
  6. bored
  7. 4(informal) bored with or annoyed about something that has been happening for a long time, and wanting it to stop sick of somebody/something I'm sick of the way you treat me. I'm sick and tired of your complaining. I'm sick to death of all of you! We are really getting sick of your attitude. sick of doing something We're sick of waiting around like this.
  8. cruel/strange
  9. 5(informal) (especially of humor) dealing with suffering, disease, or death in a cruel way that some people think is offensive a sick joke That's really sick.
  10. 6(informal) getting enjoyment from doing strange or cruel things a sick mind People think I'm sick for having a rat as a pet. We live in a sick society. see also homesick, lovesick
  11. Topic CollocationsBeing Sickgetting sick catch a cold/an infectious disease/the flu/pneumonia/a virus/ (informal) a bug get sick/a disease/AIDS/breast cancer/a cold/the flu/a migraine come down with a cold/the flu contract a deadly disease/a serious illness/HIV/AIDS be infected with a virus/a parasite/HIV develop cancer/diabetes/a rash/an ulcer/symptoms of hepatitis have a heart attack/a stroke provoke/trigger/produce an allergic reaction block/rupture a blood vessel damage/sever a nerve/an artery/a tendonbeing sick feel sick/nauseous/queasy be running a fever/a temperature have a head cold/diabetes/heart disease/lung cancer/a headache/a fever/a high temperature suffer from asthma/malnutrition/frequent headaches/bouts of depression/a mental illness be in bed with/be laid up with a cold/the flu/a migraine nurse a cold/a headache/a hangover battle/fight cancer/depression/addiction/alcoholismtreatments examine a patient diagnose a condition/disease/disorder be diagnosed with cancer/diabetes/schizophrenia prescribe/be given/be on/take drugs/medicine/medication/pills/painkillers/antibiotics treat somebody for cancer/depression/shock have/undergo an examination/an operation/surgery/a kidney transplant/therapy/chemotherapy/treatment for cancer have/be given an injection/a flu shot/a blood transfusion/a scan/an X-ray cure a disease/an ailment/cancer/a headache/a patient prevent the spread of disease/further outbreaks/damage to the lungs be vaccinated against the flu/(the) measles/polio/smallpox enhance/boost/confer/build up immunity to a diseaseIdioms to bring food from your stomach back out through your mouth synonym vomit I was sick three times last night. She was violently sick.
    be worried sick, be sick with worry
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    to be extremely worried Where have you been? I've been worried sick about you. She was worrying herself sick about her final exam.
    fall sick (old-fashioned, formal)
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    to become sick A week later he fell sick and died.
    make somebody sick
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    to make someone angry or disgusted His hypocrisy makes me sick.
    (as) sick as a dog (informal)
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    feeling very sick; vomit a lot
    sick at heart (formal)
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    very unhappy or disappointed
      sick to your stomach
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    1. 1feeling very angry or worried Nora felt sick to her stomach after hearing this news.
    2. 2feeling that you want to vomit
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