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  1. 1a military operation in which an army tries to capture a town by surrounding it and stopping the supply of food, etc. to the people inside the siege of Troy The siege was finally lifted (= ended) after six months. The police placed the city center under a virtual state of siege (= it was hard to get in or out).
  2. 2a situation in which the police surround a building where people are living or hiding, in order to make them come out The siege was finally brought to an end when the terrorists surrendered. see also besiege
  3. Idioms
      lay siege to something
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    1. 1to begin a siege of a town, building, etc. The crusaders laid siege to Lisbon.
    2. 2to surround a building, especially in order to speak to or question the person or people living or working there Crowds of journalists laid siege to the star's apartment.
      under siege
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    1. 1surrounded by an army or the police in a siege The city was under siege for six months.
    2. 2being criticized all the time or put under pressure by problems, questions, etc. The administration is already under siege for its economic policy.
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