Definition of significance noun from the Oxford Advanced American Dictionary



[uncountable, countable]
1 the importance of something, especially when this has an effect on what happens in the futurea decision of major political significanceThe new drug has great significance for the treatment of the disease.They discussed the statistical significance of the results.We should be fully aware of the significance of television in shaping our ideas.2 the meaning of somethingShe couldn't grasp the full significance of what he had said.Do these symbols have any particular significance?
Usage noteUsage note: significantsignificant adjectiveimportant; so large that you notice itchange, difference, effect, impact, improvement, increase, reduction|contribution|correlationThere were significant climatic differences, including an unusually wet season followed by dry seasons.statisticallyIt is necessary to carry out a trial on a statistically significant number of individuals.highlyThe museum owns highly significant and valuable works.culturally, economically, historically, morally, politically, sociallyThe collection includes historically significant letters from American presidents.proveThe research could prove significant in medical and biotechnology fields.insignificant adjectivedetail|decrease, difference, increaseI will return to these apparently insignificant details in the last section of this paper.statisticallyThe small sample size is statistically insignificant.apparently, seemingly|relativelySeemingly insignificant scratches in glass may cause breakage.significance nounstatisticalIn the test, high variability resulted in a lack of statistical significance.assess|grasp|downplay, underestimateThere are two very different ways to assess the broader significance of these events.significantly adverbin a noticeable waydiffer, varyActual markets differ significantly from perfectly competitive markets.lower (than)Significantly lower numbers of seals were observed at low tide.
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