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    (sillier, silliest)
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  1. 1showing a lack of thought, understanding, or judgment synonym foolish a silly idea That was a silly thing to do! Her work is full of silly mistakes. “I can walk home.” “Don't be silly—it's much too far!” You silly boy! How silly of me to expect them to help!
  2. 2stupid or embarrassing, especially in a way that is more typical of a child than an adult synonym ridiculous a silly sense of humor a silly game Ifeel silly in these clothes. She had a silly grin on her face.
  3. 3not practical or serious We had to wear these silly little hats. Why worry about a silly thing like that?
    noun [uncountable] Stop this silliness and get back to work!
  5. Idioms
    bore, scare, beat, etc. somebody silly (informal)
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    to bore, scare, beat, etc. someone so badly that they cannot think clearly He was scared silly by the lion's roar. Ryan's punch knocked me silly.
    drink, laugh, shout, etc. yourself silly (informal)
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    to drink, laugh, shout, etc. so much that you cannot behave in a sensible way
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