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    (slicker, slickest)
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  1. 1(sometimes disapproving) done or made in a way that is smart and efficient but often does not seem to be sincere or lacks important ideas a slick advertising campaign a slick performance You had to admire the slick presentation of last night's awards ceremony.
  2. 2(sometimes disapproving) speaking very easily and smoothly but in a way that does not seem sincere synonym glib slick TV presenters a slick salesman Her reply was too fast, too slick.
  3. 3done quickly and smoothly synonym skilful The crowd enjoyed the team's slick passing. a slick gear change
  4. 4smooth and difficult to hold or move on synonym slippery The roads were slick with rain.
    adverb The magazine is slickly produced.
    noun [uncountable]
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