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    (slower, slowest)
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    not fast
  1. 1not moving, acting, or done quickly; taking a long time; not fast a slow driver Progress was slower than expected. The country is experiencing slow but steady economic growth. Collecting data is a painfully slow process. a slow, lingering death Oh you're so slow; come on, hurry up! The slow movement opens with a cello solo. She gave a slow smile. Average earnings are rising at their slowest rate for 20 years.
  2. 2not going or allowing you to go at a fast speed I missed the fast train and had to get the slow one (= the one that stops at all the stations).
  3. with delay
  4. 3hesitating to do something or not doing something immediately slow to do something She wasn't slow to realize what was going on. slow in doing something His poetry was slow in achieving recognition. slow doing something They were very slow paying me.
  5. not smart
  6. 4not quick to learn; finding things hard to understand He's the slowest in the class.
  7. not busy
  8. 5not very busy; containing little action synonym sluggish Sales are slow (= not many goods are being sold). There are slow passages in which little happens, but they help to build up the suspense.
  9. watch/clock
  10. 6[not before noun] showing a time earlier than the correct time My watch is five minutes slow (= it shows 1:45 when it is 1:50).
  11. in photography
  12. 7slow film is not very sensitive to light
    noun [uncountable] There was impatience over the slowness of reform. The evening passed with agonizing slowness.
  14. Idioms
    be quick/slow on the uptake (informal)
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    to be quick/slow to understand something Is he always this slow on the uptake?
    do a slow burn (informal)
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    to slowly get angry
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