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    (smarter, smartest)
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  1. 1intelligent; able to learn and think quickly She's smarter than her brother. He's not smart enough to be a politician. opposite stupid Thesaurusintelligentsmart brilliant bright sharpThese words all describe people who are good at learning, understanding, and thinking about things, and the actions that show this ability.intelligent good at learning, understanding, and thinking in a logical way about things; showing this ability:He's a highly intelligent man. She asked a lot of intelligent quick at learning and understanding things; showing the ability to make good business or personal decisions:She's smarter than her brother. That was a smart career move.brilliant extremely intelligent or skillful:She's a brilliant young scientist.bright intelligent; quick to learn:He's probably the brightest student in the class. Bright is used especially to talk about young people. Common collocations of bright include girl, boy, kid, and bright:You're a pretty sharp kid.Patterns a(n) intelligent/smart/brilliant/bright/sharp child/kid/boy/girl a(n) intelligent/smart/brilliant man/woman a(n) intelligent/smart/brilliant thing to do
  2. 2showing good judgment That was a smart career move. OK, I admit it was not the smartest thing I ever did (= it was a stupid thing to do). opposite stupid
  3. rude
  4. 3being rude by saying things or making jokes in a way that shows a lack of respect Don't get smart with me, kid.
  5. computer-controlled
  6. 4(of a device, especially of a weapon/bomb) controlled by a computer, so that it appears to act in an intelligent way smart bombs This smart washing machine will dispense an optimal amount of water for the load.
  7. clean/neat
  8. 5(old-fashioned) (of people) looking clean and neat; well dressed in fashionable and/or formal clothes You look very smart in that suit.
  9. 6(old-fashioned) (of clothes, etc.) clean, neat, and looking new and attractive They were wearing their smartest clothes.
  10. fashionable
  11. 7(old-fashioned) connected with fashionable rich people smart restaurants She mixes with the smart set.
  12. quick
  13. 8(of a movement, etc.) quick and usually done with force synonym brisk He was struck with a smart crack on the head. We set off at a smart pace.
    adverb (old-fashioned) smartly dressed He ran off pretty smartly (= quickly and suddenly).
    noun [uncountable]
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