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    not liquid/gas
  1. 1hard or firm; not in the form of a liquid or gas The planet Jupiter may have no solid surface at all. The boat bumped against a solid object. She had refused all solid food. It was so cold that the stream had frozen solid. The boiler uses solid fuel.
  2. without holes or spaces
  3. 2having no holes or spaces inside; not hollow They were drilling through solid rock. The stores are packed solid (= very full and crowded) at this time of year.
  4. strong
  5. 3strong and made well These chains seem fairly solid.
  6. reliable
  7. 4that you can rely on; having a strong basis As yet, they have no solid evidence. His advice was always solid and practical. This provided a solid foundation for their marriage. The team was solid as a rock in defense.
  8. good but not special
  9. 5definitely good and steady but perhaps not excellent or special 2008 was a year of solid achievement. He's a solid player.
  10. material
  11. 6[only before noun] made completely of the material mentioned (that is, the material is not only on the surface) a solid gold bracelet
  12. period of time
  13. 7(informal) without a pause; continuous The essay represents a solid week's work. It rained for two hours solid this afternoon.
  14. color
  15. 8of the color mentioned and no other color One cat is black and white, the other solid black.
  16. shape
  17. 9(geometry) a shape that is solid has length, width, and height and is not flat A cube is a solid figure.
  18. in agreement
  19. 10in complete agreement; agreed on by everyone The department was solid against the changes. The strike was solid, supported by all the members. see also rock solid
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