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    (sounder, soundest)
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  1. 1sensible; that you can rely on and that will probably give good results a person of sound judgment He gave me some very sound advice. This gives the design team a sound basis for their work. The proposal makes sound commercial sense. Their policies are environmentally sound. opposite unsound
  2. thorough
  3. 2[only before noun] good and thorough a sound knowledge/understanding of something He has a sound grasp of the issues.
  4. not damaged/hurt
  5. 3in good condition; not damaged, hurt, etc. We arrived home safe and sound. to be of sound mind (= not mentally ill) The house needs attention but the roof is sound. opposite unsound
  6. sleep
  7. 4[usually before noun] deep and peaceful to have a sound night's sleep to be a sound sleeper
  8. good, but not excellent
  9. 5good and accurate, but not excellent a sound piece of writing a sound tennis player
  10. physical punishment
  11. 6severe to give someone a sound beating
    noun [uncountable] soundness of judgment financial soundness the soundness of the building's foundations see also soundly
  13. Idioms
    (as) sound as a bell (informal)
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    in perfect condition The doctor said I was as sound as a bell.
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