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    small mark
  1. 1a small round area that has a different color or feels different from the surface it is on Which has spots, the leopard or the tiger? The male bird has a red spot on its beak. see also beauty spot, sunspot synonyms at patch
  2. 2a small dirty mark on something His jacket was covered with spots of mud. rust spots synonyms at
  3. 3[usually plural] a small mark or lump on a person's skin that shows that they are sick The baby's whole body was covered in small red spots. compare rash, zit
  4. place
  5. 4a particular area or place a quiet/secluded/lonely, etc. spot He showed me the exact spot where he had asked her to marry him. She stood rooted to the spot with fear (= unable to move). a tourist spot This is a favorite spot for walkers and climbers. see also blind spot, hot spot, nightspot, trouble spot, place
  6. small amount
  7. 5[usually plural] spot (of something) a small amount of a liquid I felt a few spots of rain.
  8. part of show
  9. 6a part of a television, radio, club, or theater show that is given to a particular entertainer or type of entertainment a guest/solo spot
  10. in competition
  11. 7a position in a competition or an event two teams battling for top spot
  12. light
  13. 8(informal) = spotlight
  14. Thesaurusmarkstain fingerprint streak speck blot smear spotThese are all words for a small area of dirt or another substance on a surface.mark a small area of dirt or other substance on the surface of something, especially one that spoils its appearance:The kids left dirty marks all over the kitchen floor.stain a dirty mark on something that is difficult to remove, especially one made by a liquid:blood stainsfingerprint a mark on a surface made by the pattern of lines on the end of a person's finger, often used by the police to identify criminals:Her fingerprints were all over the gun.streak a long thin mark or line that is a different color from the surface it is on:She had streaks of gray in her hair.speck a very small mark, spot, or piece of a substance on something:There isn't a speck of dust anywhere in the house.blot a spot or dirty mark left on something by a substance such as ink being dropped on a surface:an ink blotsmear a mark made by something such as oil or paint being spread or rubbed on a surface:She had smears of paint on her a small dirty mark on something:He found grease spots all over the walls.Patterns a streak/speck/blot/smear/spot of something a greasy mark/stain/smear a/an ink mark/stain/blot/spot a/an grease mark/stain/spot to leave a mark/stain/fingerprint/streak/speck/blot/smear Thesauruspatchdot mark spotThese are all words for a small part on a surface that is a different color from the rest.patch an area of something, especially one which is different from the area around it:a white dog with a black patch around its eye patches of dense fogdot a small round mark on something, especially one that is printed:The letters “i” and “j” have dots over them. The island is a small green dot on the map. Periods and decimal points are often referred to as “dots,” especially when talking about computers:The file is called “my essay dot doc.” The IP address is “192 dot 168 dot zero dot zero.”mark a noticeable area of color on the body of a person or an animal:The horse had a white mark on his a small round area that is a different color or feels different from the surface it is on:Which one has spots—a leopard or a tiger?Patterns a patch/dot/mark/spot on something with patches/dots/marks/spots a blue/black/red, etc. patch/dot/mark/spotIdioms
    be riveted to the spot/ground
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    to be so shocked or frightened that you cannot move
    a/the bright spot
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    a good or pleasant part of something that is unpleasant or bad in all other ways The win last week was the only bright spot in their last ten games.
    glued to the spot
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    not able to move, for example because you are frightened or surprised
    have a soft spot for somebody/something (informal)
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    to like someone or something She's always had a soft spot for you.
    hit the spot (informal)
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    if food or drink hits the spot, it is very satisfying and enjoyable
    in a (tight) spot (informal)
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    in a difficult situation She'll always help you if you're in a spot.
    a leopard cannot change its spots (saying)
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    people cannot change their character, especially if they have a bad character You didn't really expect her to be on time, did you? A leopard can't change its spots.
      on the spot
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    1. 1immediately He answered the question on the spot. an on-the-spot parking fine
    2. 2at the actual place where something is happening An ambulance was on the spot within minutes. an on-the-spot report
    put somebody on the spot
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    to make someone feel awkward or embarrassed by asking them a difficult question The interviewer's questions really put him on the spot.
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