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  1. 1(geometry) having four straight equal sides and four angles of 90° a square room
  2. 2forming an angle of 90° exactly or approximately The book had rounded, not square, corners. square shoulders He had a firm, square jaw.
  3. measurement
  4. 3used after a unit of measurement to say that something measures the same amount on each of four sides a carpet three yards square
  5. 4(abbreviation sq.) used after a number to give a measurement of area an area of 36 square yards
  6. broad/solid
  7. 5used to describe something that is broad or that looks solid in shape a man of square build see also four-square
  8. level/parallel
  9. 6[not before noun] square (with something) level with or parallel to something tables arranged square with the wall
  10. with money
  11. 7(informal) if two people are square, neither of them owes money to the other Here's the $20 I owe you—now we're square.
  12. in sports
  13. 8square (with somebody) if two teams are square, they have the same number of points The teams were all square at half-time.
  14. fair/honest
  15. 9fair or honest, especially in business matters a square deal Are you being square with me?
  16. in agreement
  17. 10square with something in agreement with something That isn't quite square with what you said yesterday.
  18. boring
  19. 11(informal) (old-fashioned) (disapproving) (of a person) considered to be boring, for example, because they are old-fashioned or work too hard at school
  20. Idioms
    a square meal
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    a good, satisfying meal He looks as though he hasn't had a square meal for weeks.
    a square peg (in a round hole) (informal)
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    a person who does not feel happy or comfortable in a particular situation, or who is not suitable for it
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