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    Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they stake
    he / she / it stakes
    past simple staked
    -ing form staking
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  1. 1stake something (on something) to risk money or something important on the result of something synonym bet He staked $50 on the favorite (= for example, in horse racing). She staked her political career on tax reform, and lost. That's him over there—I'd stake my life on it (= I am completely confident).
  2. 2stake something (up) to support something with a stake to stake newly planted trees
  3. Idioms
    stake (out) a/your claim (to/for/on something)
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    to say or show publicly that you think something should be yours Adams staked his claim to a place on the Olympic team with his easy win yesterday.
    Phrasal Verbsstake somethingout
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