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  1. 1[usually singular] stand (on something) an attitude toward something or an opinion that you make clear to people to take a firm stand on something He was criticized for his tough stand on immigration.
  2. defense
  3. 2[usually singular] a strong effort to defend yourself or your opinion about something We've got to take a stand against further job losses. the rebels' desperate last stand
  4. for showing/holding something
  5. 3a table or a vertical structure that goods are sold from, especially in the street or at a market synonym stall a hamburger stand see also newsstand
  6. 4a table or a vertical structure where things are displayed or advertised, for example at an exhibition a display/an exhibition stand
  7. 5(often in compounds) a piece of equipment or furniture that you use for holding a particular type of thing a bicycle/microphone/umbrella, etc. stand
  8. at sports event
  9. 6stands [plural] a large sloping structure at the side of a sports field or a stadium with rows where people sit or stand to watch the game Our seats were very high up in the stands.
  10. in court
  11. 7[usually singular] = witness stand He took the stand as the first witness.
  12. for band/orchestra, etc.
  13. 8a raised platform for a band, an orchestra, a speaker, etc. see also bandstand
  14. for taxis/buses, etc.
  15. 9a place where taxis, buses, etc. park while they are waiting for passengers
  16. of plants/trees
  17. 10stand (of something) (technology) a group of plants or trees of one kind a stand of pines see also handstand
  18. Idioms
    stand fast/firm
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    to refuse to move back; to refuse to change your opinions
    take a firm stand (on/against something)
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    to make your beliefs known and to try to make others follow them They took a firm stand against drugs in the school.
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