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    Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they state
    he / she / it states
    past simple stated
    -ing form stating
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  1. 1to formally write or say something, especially in a careful and clear way state something He has already stated his intention to run for election. The facts are clearly stated in the report. There is no need to state the obvious (= to say something that everyone already knows). state how, what, etc… State clearly which option you prefer. state that… He stated categorically that he knew nothing about the deal. it is stated that… It was stated that standards at the hospital were dropping. something is stated to be/have something The contract was stated to be invalid. Thesaurusdeclarestate indicate announceThese words all mean to say something, usually firmly and clearly and often in public.declare (somewhat formal) to say something officially or publicly; to state something firmly and clearly:to declare war The painting was declared (to be) a forgery.state (somewhat formal) to formally write or say something, especially in a careful and clear way:He has already stated his intention to run for re-election.indicate (somewhat formal) to state something, sometimes in a way that is slightly indirect:During our meeting, he indicated his willingness to cooperate.announce to tell people officially about a decision or plans; to give information about something in a public place, especially through a loudspeaker; to say something in a loud and/or serious way:They haven't formally announced their engagement yet. Has our flight been announced yet?declare or announce?Declare is used more often for giving judgments;announce is used more often for giving facts:The painting was announced to be a forgery. They haven't formally declared their engagement yet.Patterns to declare/state/indicate/announce that… to declare/state/indicate/announce your intention to do something to declare/state/announce something formally/publicly/officially to declare/state/announce something firmly/confidently
  2. 2[usually passive] state something to fix or announce the details of something, especially on a written document This is not one of their stated aims. You must arrive at the time stated. Do not exceed the stated dose (= of medicine).
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