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    (straighter, straightest)
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    not in curve
  1. 1not in a curve or at an angle; in a straight line Keep straight on for two miles. Can you stretch your arms out straighter? He was too tired to walk straight. I can't shoot straight (= accurately). She looked me straight in the eye.
  2. immediately
  3. 2by a direct route; immediately Come straight home after school. I was so tired I went straight to bed. She went straight from college to a high-level job. I'm going to the library straight after the class. I'll come straight to the point—your work isn't good enough.
  4. in level/correct position
  5. 3in or into a level or vertical position; in or into the correct position Sit up straight! She pulled her hat straight.
  6. honestly
  7. 4honestly and directly I told him straight that I didn't like him. Are you playing straight with me?
  8. without interruption
  9. 5continuously without interruption They had been working for 16 hours straight.
  10. Idioms
    go straight (informal)
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    to stop being a criminal and live an honest life
    play it straight
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    to be honest and not try to trick someone
    straight away
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    immediately; without delay synonym at once I'll do it straight away.
    straight from the shoulder
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    if you say something straight from the shoulder, you are being very honest and direct, even if what you are saying is critical
    straight off (informal)
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    without hesitating When asked about her change of plans, she answered straight off.
    straight out (informal)
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    honestly and directly She told him straight out that he was a bore.
    think straight
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    to think in a clear or logical way
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