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    (straighter, straightest)
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    without curves
  1. 1without a bend or curve; going in one direction only a straight line a straight road long straight hair (= without curls) a boat sailing in a straight line straight-backed chairs
  2. clothing
  3. 2not fitting close to the body and not curving away from the body a straight skirt
  4. aim/blow
  5. 3going directly to the correct place a straight punch to the face
  6. in level/correct position
  7. 4positioned in the correct way; level, vertical, or parallel to something Is my tie straight?
  8. clean/neat
  9. 5[not usually before noun] clean and neat, with everything in the correct place It took hours to get the house straight.
  10. honest
  11. 6honest and direct a straight answer to a straight question I don't think you're being straight with me. It's time for some straight talk. Thesaurushonestdirect open outspoken straight blunt frankThese words all describe people saying exactly what they mean without trying to hide feelings, opinions, or facts.honest not hiding the truth about something:Thank you for being so honest with saying exactly what you mean in a way that nobody can pretend not to understand:You'll have to get used to his direct manner. Being direct is sometimes considered positive but sometimes it is used as a “polite” way of saying that someone is (approving) (of a person) not keeping thoughts and feelings hidden:He was quite open about his reasons for leaving.outspoken saying exactly what you think, even if this shocks or offends people:She was outspoken in her criticism of the plan.straight honest and direct:I don't think you're being straight with me.blunt saying exactly what you think without trying to be polite:She has a reputation for being blunt.frank (somewhat formal) honest in what you say, sometimes in a way that other people might not like:To be frank with you, I think your son has little chance of passing the exam.which word?Honest and frank refer to what you say as much as how you say it:a(n) honest/frank admission of guilt. They are generally positive words, although it is possible to be too frank in a way that other people might not like. Direct, outspoken, and blunt all describe someone's manner of saying what they think. Outspoken suggests that you are willing to shock people by saying what you believe to be right. Blunt and direct often suggest that you think honesty is more important than being polite. Open is positive and describes someone's character:I'm a very open person.Patterns honest/direct/open/outspoken/straight/frank about something honest/direct/open/straight/blunt/frank with somebody a(n) honest/direct/straight/blunt answer a direct/blunt/frank manner
  12. sex
  13. 7(informal) heterosexual opposite gay
  14. choice
  15. 8[only before noun] simple; involving only two clear choices It was a straight choice between taking the job and staying out of work.
  16. actor/play
  17. 9[only before noun] (of an actor or a play) not connected with comedy or musical theater, but with serious theater
  18. without interruption
  19. 10[only before noun] one after another in a series, without interruption synonym consecutive The team has had five straight wins.
  20. alcoholic drink
  21. 11not mixed with water or anything else
  22. normal/boring
  23. 12(informal) you can use straight to describe a person who is normal and ordinary, but who you consider dull and boring
  24. not using drugs
  25. 13(informal) not using drugs That's the longest she's been straight in six years!
  26. not owing money
  27. 14(informal) [not usually before noun] (of two people) not owing each other any money Give me $10 and we'll be straight.
  28. straightness
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    noun [uncountable]
  30. Idioms
    get something straight
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    to make a situation clear; to make sure that you or someone else understands the situation Let's get this straight—you really had no idea where he was?
    have your head screwed on (straight/right), get/have/keep your head on straight/right (informal)
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    to be a sensible person I kept my head on straight and did what I had to.
    put/set the record straight
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    to give people the correct information about something in order to make it clear that what they previously believed to be right was, in fact, wrong To put the record straight, I do not support that idea and never have.
    put/set somebody straight (about/on something)
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    to correct someone's mistake; to make sure that someone knows the correct facts when they have had the wrong idea or impression
    ramrod straight
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    (of a person) with a very straight back and looking serious and formal Her back was ramrod straight. He stood there straight as a ramrod.
    the straight and narrow (informal)
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    the honest and morally acceptable way of living His wife is trying to keep him on the straight and narrow.
    a straight face
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    if you keep a straight face, you do not laugh or smile, although you find something funny see also straight-faced
    (earn/get) straight A's
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    (to get) the best grades in all your classes a straight A student
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