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    (stranger, strangest)
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  1. 1unusual or surprising, especially in a way that is difficult to understand A strange thing happened this morning. She was looking at me in a very strange way. strange (that)… It's strange (that) we haven't heard from him. strange (how…) It's strange how childhood impressions linger. That's strange—the front door's open. I'm looking forward to the exam,strange as it may seem. There was something strange about her eyes. Strange to say, I don't really enjoy television.
  2. 2not familiar because you have not been there before or met the person before a strange city to wake up in a strange bed Never accept rides from strange men. strange to somebody At first the place was strange to me.
  3. Idioms
    feel strange
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    to not feel comfortable in a situation; to have an unpleasant physical feeling She felt strange sitting at her father's desk. It was terribly hot and I started to feel strange.
    truth is stranger than fiction (saying)
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    used to say that things that actually happen are often more surprising than stories that are invented
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noun [uncountable] We all felt the strangeness of being in a ghost town.
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