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  1. 1interesting and unusual enough to attract attention synonym marked a striking feature She bears a striking resemblance to her older sister. In striking contrast to their brothers, the girls were both intelligent and charming. Language Banksurprisinghighlighting interesting data What is surprising about these results is that boys are more likely than girls to be left-handed. Surprisingly, boys are more likely than girls to be left-handed. Interestingly, even when both parents are left-handed, there is still only a 26% chance of their children being left-handed. One of the most interesting findings is that only 2% of the left-handers surveyed have two left-handed parents. It is interesting to note that people are more likely to be left-handed if their mother is left-handed than if their father is. The most striking feature of these results is that left-handed mothers are more likely than left-handed fathers to have left-handed children.
  2. 2very attractive, often in an unusual way synonym stunning striking good looks She was undoubtedly a very striking young woman. see also strike
adverb The two polls produced strikingly different results. She is strikingly beautiful.
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