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    Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they string
    he / she / it strings
    past simple strung
    -ing form stringing
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    hang decoration
  1. 1to hang or tie something in place, especially as decoration string something + adv./prep. We strung paper lanterns up in the trees. string A on, along, in, etc. B Flags were strung out along the route. string B with A The route was strung with flags.
  2. join things
  3. 2string something + adv./prep. to put a series of small objects on string, etc.; to join things together with string, etc. synonym thread She had strung the shells on a silver chain. (figurative) carbon atoms strung together to form giant molecules
  4. racket/musical instrument
  5. 3string something to put a string or strings on a racket or musical instrument see also high-strung
  6. Phrasal Verbsstring somebody alongstring somethingoutstring somethingtogetherstring somebodyup
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