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    Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they stuff
    he / she / it stuffs
    past simple stuffed
    -ing form stuffing
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  1. 1to fill a space or container tightly with something stuff A with B She had 500 envelopes to stuff with leaflets. stuff B in, into, under, etc. A She had 500 leaflets to stuff into envelopes. stuff something The fridge is stuffed to bursting. stuff something + adj. All the drawers were stuffed full of letters and papers.
  2. 2stuff something + adv./prep. to push something quickly and carelessly into a small space synonym shove She stuffed the money under a cushion. His hands were stuffed in his pockets. Robyn quickly stuffed clothes into an overnight bag.
  3. 3stuff something to fill a vegetable, chicken, etc. with another type of food Are you going to stuff the turkey? stuffed peppers
  4. 4(informal) to eat a lot of food or too much food; to give someone a lot or too much to eat stuff somebody/yourself He sat at the table stuffing himself. stuff somebody/yourself with something Don't stuff the kids with chocolate before their dinner.
  5. 5[usually passive] stuff something to fill the dead body of an animal with material and preserve it, so that it keeps its original shape and appearance They had their pet dog stuffed.
  6. Idioms
    stuff/feed your face (informal) (usually disapproving)
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    to eat a lot of food or too much food
    stuff it (informal)
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    used to show that you have changed your mind about something or do not care about something I didn't want a part in the play, then I thought—stuff it—why not? Stuff it. At my age it doesn't matter.
    you, etc. can stuff something (informal)
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    used to tell someone in a rude and angry way that you do not want something I told them they could stuff their job.
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