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  1. 1achieving your aims or what was intended successful (in something/in doing something) They were successful in winning the contract. successful (at something/at doing something) I wasn't very successful at keeping the news secret. We congratulated them on the successful completion of the project.
  2. 2having become popular and/or made a lot of money The play was very successful on Broadway. a successful actor The company has had another successful year. opposite unsuccessful
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adverb This arrangement has operated successfully for the past six years.
Thesaurussuccessfulprofitable commercial lucrativeThese words all describe someone or something that is making or is likely to make money.successful making a lot of money, especially by being popular:The play was very successful on Broadway. The company has had another successful year.profitable making a profit:a highly profitable businesscommercial [only before noun] making or intended to make a profit:The movie was not a commercial success (= made no profit).lucrative (of business or work) producing or paying a large amount of money; making a large profit:They do a lot of business in lucrative overseas markets.Patterns a successful/profitable/lucrative business a successful/profitable/lucrative year
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