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  1. 1a set of clothes made of the same cloth, including a jacket and pants or a skirt a business suit a pinstripe suit a two-/three-piece suit (= of two/three pieces of clothing) see also jumpsuit, leisure suit, pantsuit, sailor suit, sweatsuit, tracksuit
  2. 2a set of clothing worn for a particular activity a diving suit a suit of armor see also spacesuit, swimsuit, wetsuit
  3. 3any of the four sets that form a deck of cards The suits are called hearts, clubs, diamonds, and spades.
  4. 4= lawsuit to file/bring a suit against someone a divorce suit see also paternity suit
  5. 5[usually plural] (informal) a person with an important job as a manager in a company or an organization, especially one thought of as being mainly concerned with financial matters or as having a lot of influence We can leave the detailed negotiations to the suits. He's a “suit,” not a “creative.”
  6. Idioms
    be somebody's strong suit
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    to be a subject that someone knows a lot about I'm afraid geography is not my strong suit.
      follow suit
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    1. 1(in card games) to play a card of the same suit that has just been played
    2. 2to act or behave in the way that someone else has just done
    in your birthday suit (humorous)
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    not wearing any clothes
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