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    Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they suspend
    he / she / it suspends
    past simple suspended
    -ing form suspending
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  1. 1suspend something/somebody (from something) (by/on something) to hang something from something else A lamp was suspended from the ceiling. Her body was found suspended by a rope.
  2. 2suspend something to officially stop something for a time; to prevent something from being active, used, etc. for a time Production has been suspended while safety checks are carried out. The constitution was suspended as the fighting grew worse. In the theater we willingly suspend disbelief (= temporarily believe that the characters, etc. are real).
  3. 3suspend something to officially delay something; to arrange for something to happen later than planned The introduction of the new system has been suspended until next year. to suspend judgment (= delay forming or expressing an opinion)
  4. 4[usually passive] suspend somebody (from something) to officially prevent someone from doing their job, going to school, etc. for a time The police officer was suspended while the complaint was being investigated. She was suspended from school for a week.
  5. 5be suspended in something (technology) to float in liquid or air without moving Small droplets are held suspended in the atmosphere. see also suspension
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