Definition of sweet adjective from the Oxford Advanced American Dictionary



sweeter, sweetest


1 containing, or tasting as if it contains, a lot of sugarHe likes his coffee sweet.sweet foodI had a craving for something sweet.sweet sherryThis apple pie is too sweet for me. antonym sour compare bitter, salty


2 having a pleasant smell synonym fragranta sweet-smelling roseThe air was sweet with incense.


3 having a pleasant sounda sweet voice


4 pleasant and not containing any harmful substancesthe sweet air of a mountain village


5 making you feel happy and/or satisfiedGoodnight. Sweet dreams.I can't tell you how sweet this victory is.He played a sweet shot onto the final green (= in golf ).an act of sweet revenge


6 having or showing a kind characterShe gave him her sweetest smile.He's one of the sweetest people I know.It was sweet of them to offer to help.He's not what you'd call sweet-tempered!


7 (especially of children or small things) attractive synonym cuteThe kids look sweet in this photograph.


8 Sweet! (informal) used to show that you approve of somethingFree tickets? Sweet!

be sweet on someone

(old-fashioned, informal) to like someone very much in a romantic waybe sweet on

have a sweet tooth

(informal) to like food that contains a lot of sugarhave a sweet tooth

home sweet home

(often ironic) used to say how pleasant your home is (especially when you really mean that it is not pleasant at all)home sweet home

in your own sweet time/way

how and when you want to, even though this might annoy other people
He always does the work, but in his own sweet your own sweet timein your own sweet way

short and sweet

(informal) pleasant but not lasting a long timeWe don't have much time so I'll keep it short and sweet.short and sweet

sweet nothings

romantic words
to whisper sweet nothings in someone's earsweet nothings

the sweet smell of success

(informal) the pleasant feeling of being successfulthe sweet smell of success