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  1. 1[countable] a swinging movement or rhythm He took a wild swing at the ball. the swing of her hips
  2. of opinion/mood
  3. 2[countable] a change from one opinion or situation to another; the amount by which something changes He's subject to abrupt mood swings (= for example from being very happy to being very sad). Voting showed a 10% swing to the Republican party. There are indications of a swing toward nuclear power.
  4. hanging seat
  5. 3[countable] a seat for swinging on, hung from above on ropes or chains The kids were playing on the swings.
  6. in golf
  7. 4[singular] the swinging movement you make with your arms and body when you hit the ball in the game of golf I need to work on my swing.
  8. music
  9. 5[uncountable] a type of jazz with a smooth rhythm, played especially by big dance bands in the 1930s
  10. journey
  11. 6[singular] a quick trip, especially one made by a politician, in which someone visits several different places in a short time a three-day campaign swing through California
  12. Idioms
    get in/into the swing (of something) (informal)
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    to get used to an activity or a situation and become fully involved in it I've only been here a week so I haven't gotten into the swing of things yet.
    in full swing
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    having reached a very lively level When we arrived the party was already in full swing.
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