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  1. 1a piece of furniture that consists of a flat top supported by legs a kitchen table A table for two, please (= in a restaurant). I'd like to reserve a table for tonight (= in a restaurant). to set the table (= to put the plates, knives, etc. on it for a meal) to clear the table (= take away the dirty plates, etc. at the end of a meal) He questioned her next morning over the breakfast table (= during breakfast). a pool/billiard table There are many compounds ending in table. You will find them at their place in the alphabet.
  2. people
  3. 2the people sitting at a table for a meal or to play cards, etc. He kept the whole table entertained with his jokes. see also round-table
  4. list of facts/numbers
  5. 3a list of facts or numbers arranged in a special order, usually in rows and columns a table of contents (= a list of the main points or information in a book, usually at the front of the book) Table 2 shows how prices and earnings have increased over the past 20 years. see also multiplication table, periodic table, turntable, water table
  6. 4= times table
  7. Idioms
    bring something to the party/table
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    to contribute something useful to a discussion, project, etc. What our new chairman brings to the table is real commitment and energy.
    drink somebody under the table (informal)
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    to drink more alcohol than someone else without becoming as drunk as they are
      on the table
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    1. 1(of a plan, suggestion, etc.) offered to people so that they can consider or discuss it Management has put several new proposals on the table.
    2. 2(of a plan, suggestion, etc.) not going to be discussed or considered until a future date We're leaving Conner's suggestion on the table until next week.
    turn the tables (on somebody)
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    to change a situation so that you are now in a stronger position than the person who used to be in a stronger position than you
    wait tables
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    to work serving food to people in a restaurant
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