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  1. 1[countable, uncountable] the particular quality that different foods and drinks have that allows you to recognize them when you put them in your mouth a salty/bitter/sweet, etc. taste I don't like the taste of olives. This dish has an unusual combination of tastes and textures. The soup has very little taste.
  2. sense
  3. 2[uncountable] the sense you have that allows you to recognize different foods and drinks when you put them in your mouth I've lost my sense of taste.
  4. small quantity
  5. 3[countable, usually singular] a small quantity of food or drink that you try in order to see what it is like Just have a taste of this cheese. Do you want a taste?
  6. short experience
  7. 4[singular] a short experience of something This was my first taste of live theater. Although we didn't know it, this incident was a taste of things to come.
  8. ability to choose well
  9. 5[uncountable] a person's ability to choose things that people recognize as being of good quality or appropriate He has very good taste in music. They've got more money than taste. The room was furnished with taste.
  10. what you like
  11. 6[countable, uncountable] what a person likes or prefers taste (for something) That trip gave me a taste for foreign travel. taste (in something) She has very expensive tastes in clothes. The color and style is a matter of personal taste. Modern art is not to everyone's taste. There are trips to suit all tastes.
  12. Idioms
    an acquired taste
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    a thing that you do not like much at first but gradually learn to like Abstract art is an acquired taste.
    be in bad, poor, the worst possible, etc. taste
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    to be offensive and not at all appropriate Most of his jokes were in very poor taste.
    be in good, the best possible, etc. taste
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    to be appropriate and not at all offensive
    leave a bad/nasty taste in the mouth
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    (of events or experiences) to make you feel disgusted or ashamed afterward
    a taste/dose of your own medicine
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    the same bad treatment that you have given to others Let the bully have a taste of his own medicine.
    there's no accounting for taste (saying)
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    used to say how difficult it is to understand why someone likes someone or something that you do not like at all She thinks he's wonderful—oh well, there's no accounting for taste.
    in the quantity that is needed to make something taste the way you prefer Add salt and pepper to taste.
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