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  1. 1lasting or taking too long and not interesting synonym boring
  2. 2 The journey soon became tedious. We had to listen to the tedious details of his operation. Thesaurusboringdull tediousThese words all describe a subject, activity, person, or place that is not interesting or exciting.boring not interesting; making you feel tired and impatient:He's such a boring man! She found her job very boring.dull not interesting or exciting:Life in a small town can be extremely dull.tedious lasting or taking too long and not interesting, so that you feel bored and impatient:The journey soon became tedious.Patterns to be boring/dull/tedious for somebody boring/dull/tedious subjects/books boring/dull/tedious jobs/work/games a boring/dull place/man/woman/person
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noun [uncountable]
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