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terrify somebodyVerb Forms present simple I / you / we / they terrify
he / she / it terrifies
past simple terrified
-ing form terrifying
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to make someone feel extremely frightened Flying terrifies her. Thesaurusscarefrighten alarm terrifyThese words all mean to make someone afraid.scare to make someone feel afraid:They managed to scare away the bears.frighten to make someone feel afraid, often suddenly:She brought out a gun and frightened them off.scare or frighten?Frighten is slightly more formal than scare.alarm to make someone anxious or afraid:I am alarmed at how quickly this decision was made. Alarm is used when someone has a feeling that something unpleasant or dangerous might happen in the future; the feeling is often more one of worry than actual fear.terrify to make someone feel extremely afraid:Flying terrified her.Patterns to scare/frighten somebody/something away/off to scare/frighten/terrify somebody into doing something It scares/frightens/alarms/terrifies me >that…> It scares/frightens/alarms/terrifies me >to>think, see, etc.
adjective It was a terrifying experience.
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adverb The mountain roads are terrifyingly steep.
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