Definition of territory noun from the Oxford Advanced American Dictionary



plural territories
1 [countable, uncountable] land that is under the control of a particular country or rulerenemy/disputed/foreign territoryoccupied territoriesThey have refused to allow U.N. troops to be stationed in their territory.2 [countable, uncountable] an area that one person, group, animal, etc. considers as their own and defends against others who try to enter itMating blackbirds will defend their territory against intruders.(figurative)This type of work is uncharted territory for us.(figurative)Legal problems are Andy's territory (= he deals with them).She seems to regard that end of the office as her territory.Each of these gangs has its own territory.3 [countable, uncountable] an area of a town, country, etc. that someone has responsibility for in their work or another activityOur representatives cover a very large territory.4 [uncountable] a particular type of landunexplored territory5 also Territory [countable] a country or an area that is part of the U.S., Canada, or Australia but is not a state or provinceGuam and American Samoa are U.S. territories.IDIOMS

come/go with the territory

to be a normal and accepted part of a particular job, situation, etc.
She has to work late most days, but in her kind of job that goes with the territory.come with the territorygo with the territory

on neutral ground/territory

in a place that has no connection with either of the people or sides who are meeting and so does not give an advantage to either of them
We decided to meet on neutral ground.on neutral groundon neutral territory
Usage noteUsage note: War and Peacestarting a wardeclare/wage war (on someone/something)go to war (against/with someone)cause/spark/provoke/foment/quell unrestincite/lead/crush/suppress a revolt/rebellionlaunch/mount/carry out a surprise/terrorist attackprevent/halt/represent an escalation of the conflictbe torn apart by/be on the brink of civil warenter/invade/occupy someone's territorylead/launch/resist/repel an invasionmilitary operationsadopt/develop/implement/pursue a military strategycarry out/execute/perform military operations/maneuverssend/deploy/station/pull back/withdraw troopsgo on/fly/carry out a reconnaissance/rescue missiontrain/equip/deploy army/military/combat unitslead/launch/conduct an (air/airborne/amphibious) attack/a surprise attack (on someone); an assault/a raid (on someone)employ/use guerrilla tacticsconduct/wage biological/guerrilla warfarefight/crush/defeat the rebels/the insurgencysuffer/inflict a crushing defeatachieve/win a decisive victoryhalt/stop the American/German advanceorder/force a retreatfightingjoin/serve in the Army/Navy/Air Force/Marines/Coast Guard/reservesbe/go/remain/serve on active dutydo/complete/return from a tour of dutybe sent to the front (line)attack/strike/engage/defeat/kill/destroy the enemywitness/see/report/be engaged in heavy fightingcall for/be met with armed resistancecome under heavy/machine-gun/mortar firefire a machine gun/mortar shells/rockets (at someone/something)shoot a rifle/a pistol/bullets/missileslaunch/fire a(n) cruise/ballistic/anti-tank missileuse biological/chemical/nuclear weaponsinflict/suffer/sustain heavy losses/casualtiesbe hit/killed by enemy/friendly/artillery firebecome/be held as/be taken as a prisoner of warcivilians in warharm/kill/target/protect innocent/unarmed civilianscause/avoid/limit/minimize civilian casualties/collateral damageimpose/enforce/lift a curfewengage in/be a victim of ethnic cleansingbe sent to a concentration/an internment campaccept/house/resettle/turn away refugees fleeing from warfear/threaten military/violent reprisalscommit/be accused of war crimes/crimes against humanity/genocidemaking peacemake/bring/win/achieve/maintain/promote peacecall for/negotiate/broker/declare a ceasefire/a temporary trucesign a ceasefire agreementcall for/bring/put an end to hostilitiesdemand/negotiate/accept the surrender of someone/somethingestablish/send (in) a peacekeeping forcenegotiate/conclude/ratify/sign/accept/reject/break/violate a peace treaty