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    [plural] thanks (to somebody) (for something)
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  1. 1  words or actions that show that you are grateful to someone for something synonym gratitude
  2. 2 How can I ever express my thanks to you for all you've done? Thanks are due to all those who worked so hard for so many months. She murmured her thanks. We gave thanks to God for all our blessings. see also vote of thanks
  3. Idioms
    no thanks to somebody/something
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    despite someone or something; with no help from someone or something We managed to get it finished in the end—no thanks to him (= he didn't help).
      thanks a lot
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    1. 1used to show that you are very grateful to someone for something they have done Thanks a lot for all you've done.
    2. 2(ironic) used to show that you are annoyed that someone has done something because it causes trouble or difficulty for you “I'm afraid I've finished all the milk.” “Well, thanks a lot!”
    thanks to somebody/something (sometimes ironic)
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    used to say that something has happened because of someone or something It was all a great success—thanks to a lot of hard work. Everyone knows about it now, thanks to you!
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