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    Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they throb
    he / she / it throbs
    past simple throbbed
    -ing form throbbing
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  1. 1[intransitive] throb (with something) (of a part of the body) to feel a series of regular painful movements His head throbbed painfully. My feet were throbbing after the long walk home. Thesaurushurtache burn sting tingle itch throbThese are all words that can be used when part of your body feels painful.hurt (of part of your body) to feel painful; (of an action) to cause pain:My feet hurt. Stop it! That hurts!ache to feel a continuous dull pain:I'm aching all over.burn (of part of your body) to feel very hot and painful:Our eyes were burning from the chemicals in the air.sting to make someone feel a sharp burning pain or an uncomfortable feeling in part of their body; (of part of your body) to feel this pain:My eyes were stinging from the smoke.tingle (of part of your body) to feel as if a lot of small sharp points are pushing into the skin there:The cold air made her face tingle.itch to have an uncomfortable feeling on your skin that makes you want to scratch; to make your skin feel like this:I itch all over. Does the rash itch?throb (of part of your body) to feel pain as a series of regular beats:His head throbbed with pain.Patterns your eyes hurt/ache/burn/sting/itch your skin hurts/burns/stings/tingles/itches your flesh hurts/burns/stings/tingles your head hurts/aches/throbs your stomach hurts/aches to really hurt/ache/burn/sting/tingle/itch/throb to hurt/ache/sting/itch badly/a lot It hurts/stings/tingles/itches.
  2. 2[intransitive] to beat or sound with a strong, regular rhythm synonym pulsate The ship's engines throbbed quietly. a throbbing drumbeat The blood was throbbing in my veins. The club was throbbing to the beat of the music. throb with something (figurative) His voice was throbbing with emotion.
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