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  1. 1(also necktie) a long narrow piece of cloth worn around the neck, especially by men, with a knot in front a jacket/coat and tie a striped silk tie
  2. for fastening
  3. 2a piece of string or wire used for fastening or tying something ties for closing plastic bags
  4. connection
  5. 3[usually plural] a strong connection between people or organizations family ties the ties of friendship economic ties The firm has close ties with an American corporation. emotional ties Both sides agreed to strengthen political ties. Although he was raised as a Roman Catholic, he has cut his ties with the Church.
  6. restriction
  7. 4a thing that limits someone's freedom of action He was still a young man and he did not want any ties.
  8. in game/competition
  9. 5a situation in a game or competition when two or more players have the same score The game ended in a tie.
  10. music
  11. 6a curved line written over two notes of the same pitch (= how high or low a note is) to show that they are to be played or sung as one note
  12. on railroad
  13. 7one of the heavy pieces of wood or concrete on which the rails on a railroad track are laid
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